Monday, 30 June 2014

The Obligatory "Room Tour"

Two blog posts in one day? Crazy talk! Sorry about that though.
I said I'd give a little photo-tour of our officetel at some point, so while I was testing out my new phone I thought I'd combine the two.

Firstly, the living room:

Look at that giant window. Aw yeah. So really this place is pretty much open-plan. It makes 20-30sq.ft. feel that bit bigger. Every little bit of space gets used, so that wardrobe is pretty big, and each segment under the stairs is actually a cupboard.

There's two fairly confusing and intimidating things on the wall, one for the hot water and underfloor heating, and the other is our doorbell. It's meant to have a digital peephole for the front door, but it's seemingly broken except for the intercom, and occasionally the whole thing just decides to yell at us. I can only assume they're party political broadcasts, urgent news, and building maintenance updates.

There's also two big sofas (with throws on, for comfort, because nobody likes a sticky leather seat in 30C+ weather) and a table that I assume should be our dining table but instead gets used to hold most of the kitchen appliances.



 That's it. That's the whole kitchen. Actually, I lied, it's the whole kitchen and the entryway for shoes and coats. So, safe to say, it's pretty small. Hence no oven. Not that it's vital here, with most recipes requiring a saucepan, frying pan or rice cooker. But still, it's the little things that help you adjust, right?


Here's the bathroom, spotless and shiny after my aggressive deep clean because dear god I can only take so much limescale on glass before I go insane. Due to reasons unknown, when you're in a hurry the water has two options: melt your skin, or freeze it.

Again, not a lot of cupboard space, but that's mostly my fault. Soz, Nick.

No photos of the bedroom area because it was an absolute state when I took the photos (but you didn't hear that from me). It's not very interesting, just sleeping and cupboard spaces. If you're dying to know, I'll redirect you to this photo:

The stairs lead to a mezzanine area, and the little ledge you can see is a large shelf all the way along, so it's our officially designated "office" area, with laptops and stationery on top (and all of my jewellery and nail varnish, because again, I take up the same space as 4 people), and then books and chargers etc underneath.

It's really quite adorable and the view out of the window is fun because we're right on one of the main shopping streets of Bupyeong. Surprisingly, it's not that noisy, even with the windows open at night. The neon lights could annoy some people, but it gets buffered by the blind and I'm a child so I need a nightlight to sleep, so for me it's perfect :p

I find it quite amusing that our co-teachers were all saying "I'm so sorry it's so small!" and we were just laughing because, really? I was expecting something way closer to grim student digs back at home for a free apartment in the heart of Incheon. I'd be terrified to see what something big looks like.

So there, a little room tour. I was thinking of doing a video but a) who has time for that, and b) I thought going from street level to apartment could have all kinds of security issues, so let's not. By the way, the rice cooker talks to us, the front door talks to us, and so does the lift. And most things make a little fanfare noise for one reason or another. It's a little unnerving but they never sound angry so I'll just keep nodding and smiling for now.

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