Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Super Junior Super Show 6: Encore

K-pop concert time again! This time, it's Super Junior on more time, but with Cherie and Nicolette.
And, of course, treat yo self part 3, because Cherie had to miss out on TVXQ last time.

We went to Butterfingers in Gangnam again, because it's ridiculous, and what is treating yourself if not putting your arteries in grave danger via sugar and cholesterol?

2 things about Butterfingers:
  1. The menus are bigger than your head. That's a lot of choice, and I'm a very indecisive person, so this place might on second thought be an awful place for me to go.
  2. The lighting, however, was great for selfies.
We're all antisocial together, it's fine
While Nick and I did the unspeakable and got a breakfast EACH, Nico and Chezza (lol) decided to be a bit wiser and share one. Like the menus, the portions are bigger than my head. How is all of that supposed to fit in my stomach?

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