Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Culture Class | Starting Something New

To my shame, I'm actually quite a culturally uneducated person, in terms of music and movies. When I reached the age where most kids start exploring music, old films, and interesting TV shows, I discovered anime, J-pop, and asian dramas. And I stayed there.

For a long time.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have to ask "have you seen/heard...[insert very popular thing here]?" my answer will most likely be no.

Until about a year or so ago, I hadn't seen the original Star Wars trilogy, I've not seen Jurassic Park (that I can actually remember), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain, When Harry Met Sally, any Batman films (new or old), and other than the bits of Casino Royale we had to watch at A-Level...I've never seen a James Bond film.

So, with all the spare time we have in the evenings, Nick and I have decided to start a sort of "culture swap", largely inspired by Polly Adams' Culture Coach project, where every week a classic book, film, and album are doled out in a sort of book club for people who've been living under a cultural rock for their formative years.

This week, we watched When Harry Met Sally (so good), and I finally watched Dark Night Rises (REALLY good), two in one, aw yiss. I also listened to Bloc Party for the first time ever, and am very much sold on them.

"Oh! They sound kind of like Two Door Cinema Club. I like it!"
"No, Two Door sound like THEM. But without any of the conviction."
"Ah. Yes."

In addition to this, Ann-Marie has just moved into a new flat, near a great grocers and has told me she will endeavour to cook something from scratch at least once a week. I said I'd help find recipes that are quick and easy to make, even in a tiny kitchen. Living in an officetel and not getting home until about 5 (not as bad as her 8, but still, I know that feel) I can relate.

So here's the project. I'll cook up a storm, take some photos, write up or link to the recipe, and in the meantime listen to whatever new album Nick is sharing with me or vice versa. Then we'll watch a film while we eat. Basically I'm trying to make oversharing our evening dinner functional and interesting ;p We'll give a little review of each thing, once a week, and be happy that I can now join in on all these highbrow conversations about dinosaurs and secret agents. And probably understand a lot more of those darned pop culture references you're all obsessed with (and that I use on an alarmingly regular basis, despite not understanding the full context.)

TL;DR, I'm going to cook something quick and easy, meanwhile Nick will show me some music and a film because I'm an uncultured swine. Haha.

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