Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Super Junior Super Show 6: Encore

K-pop concert time again! This time, it's Super Junior on more time, but with Cherie and Nicolette.
And, of course, treat yo self part 3, because Cherie had to miss out on TVXQ last time.

We went to Butterfingers in Gangnam again, because it's ridiculous, and what is treating yourself if not putting your arteries in grave danger via sugar and cholesterol?

2 things about Butterfingers:
  1. The menus are bigger than your head. That's a lot of choice, and I'm a very indecisive person, so this place might on second thought be an awful place for me to go.
  2. The lighting, however, was great for selfies.
We're all antisocial together, it's fine
While Nick and I did the unspeakable and got a breakfast EACH, Nico and Chezza (lol) decided to be a bit wiser and share one. Like the menus, the portions are bigger than my head. How is all of that supposed to fit in my stomach?

I'm not sure what's wrong here, hahaha.
I didn't manage to get ANY photos this time, but I can assure you I was a HOT MESS so maybe it's for the best that I didn't. It was quite possibly the hottest day of the year so far, well above 30°C and in an enormous, packed-out stadium with next to no aircon. I think there must have been, because every now and again there'd be a faint breeze but the room was so big it would have been impossible or far too expensive to cool.

So I just sat and melted in my seat for several hours, much to Cherie's disgust (sweaty legs + narrow packed seating = I'm so sorry). It was actually her first ever concert, like, EVER, which we were struggling to comprehend, so here's hoping the sauna didn't tarnish the effect.

The show was great and hilarious, even though I'd already seen it once before.
Here's a photo STOLEN randomly from the internet, I'm sorry:

One of our favourite stories of the night was from Nick. But I'll give you some backstory first to make it even better.

I might have mentioned ages ago, but my memory is bad. Anyway, at a previous SuJu concert, someone had thrown some binoculars down onto the stage. We've come a long way from panties and roses, I guess. One member, Kyuhyun, picked up said binoculars and began scanning the audience, waving as he went.

We always say Nick must stand out at these shows, one bearded white man in a sea of squealing Korean teenage girls. Which is why it was so funny when we saw Kyuhyun pass our spot and then double back for a fraction of a second and I swear he genuinely waved at Nick.

Flashforward to this encore show, and we're back with some more audience interaction. The group had changed into fancy dress, for reasons that were a little lost on us other than "It's Super Junior, of course they'll change into fancy dress" and began performing a rather high energy song that allowed them to just run up and down all over the staging.

The staging at these shows is quite good, in that they have a wide catwalk from the main stage to another one in the centre of the standing section, and from there 2 more catwalks stretch out into the seating area above, allowing them to get really close to a lot more than just the brave kids in the "mosh pit".

Basically we were in the front row of section 32 that you can see in the picture above. Partway through the song and who should appear at the end of the runway but our friend Kyuhyun! He was stood waving to the screaming fans, so Nick leant forward, and waved excitedly. The best thing was watching Kyuhyun's face change from a normal happy face as he waved to the girls, to genuine happy surprise when he made eye contact with Nick. I swear it was the same face you make when you unexpectedly see a friend whilst out shopping. THERE WAS RECOGNITION IN THAT FACE.

Anyway, Nick shrieked, as did we, and there was a lot of laughter even from the girls around us who had seen what happened. It definitely happened!

After the show I was pretty excited to escape the heat and catch a breeze outside but unfortunately it was possibly HOTTER and more humid. Uh-oh. I don't know how Super Junior were managing to keep up their energy during intense dance routines, and wear suits and jeans the whole way through but kudos to them!

We darted down to the subway to try and get home and DEAR LORD.
It was way more packed out than I've ever seen it after a show?

The crowd was this dense from nearly end-to-end on the platform which is at least a couple dozen metres long, if not more.

Traditional 2am McDs. Mixing it up a little with nuggets.

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