Tuesday, 29 December 2015

BoA 봐

photo stolen from Nick, sorry
Just another short post to mark the fact we saw BoA live! We go to an awful lot of concerts here because we're very aware that once we leave Korea, we probably won't have another chance to see Korean artists, and especially not for the same price. 

I saw Big Bang and Super Junior in London, and the atmosphere wasn't the same either. I don't think the shows were as long, and not as spectacular either, because I suppose venue rules and last trains are different, they can't ship over some of the set pieces, and they can't chat to the audience very easily.

We shared this bingsu with 예슬 the night before. LOOK AT IT.
Also, I tried to make some sort of fake kimbap without it falling to pieces.
This is the building it was in. A proper concert hall by Gyeongbokgung
We arrived at the venue pretty early, so after working out what doors we'd need to go in through, and scoping out the merchandise (as ever: disappointing) we went for a walk in the sun. (Remember when that was a thing you could do? Ah, winter.) There was a huge poster set up in the lobby for taking a picture with, but there was also a huge queue, so we decided it wasn't worth it.

The building itself was beautiful though, so it was great just to wander around there and take photos from afar.

It was summer, and I spotted a Gong Cha, so I was determined to have some bubble tea to tide me over until the show started.

Let's play: Highlight or sweat sheen? (Answer: both)
The show itself was fantastic, and BoA was great live! It was really fun to see a live band, too.
It's amazing to think she's been doing this since 2000, (when she was only 13!! Eat your heart out Billie Piper) and she's still so popular and widely considered to be Korea's Queen of Pop. The room was packed, and everyone was in a great mood, clapping and singing along.

My biggest adrenaline rush is always the surreptitious, forbidden photo.
Since the average age of attendees was a little older than the usual concerts we go to, the atmosphere was a little different too. It was quieter, for one. Not that there was any less enthusiasm. There were still hundreds of fan lights being waved around and people clapping and cheering, but it was a little different. A bit less frenetic, haha.

I can't remember if we ate this after the concert or the day after, but I miss the days where it was more appropriate to eat a huge bowl of sour naengmyeon, so I'll finish with that.

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