Sunday, 30 August 2015

Seoul Food | Cooking Mate

This is a super-old post from last year that I totally forgot I'd started. Oops! I remember it was from somewhere around last Christmas, because the restaurant was playing some very dubious Korean covers of classic Christmas pop hits.

I'll keep it short and sweet, mainly because I can't remember anything except that I enjoyed the food. Heh.

Passionfruit Lemonade
Cooking Mate is a little restaurant in Hongdae, right on the corner of  the road leading from Parking Street up to Artbox (addresses? What is addresses?), next to where the man with the huge, adorable dog usually sets up camp.

There's usually a person stationed outside to let you in or sort out something if there's a wait. Since it's upstairs, I guess it saves you some time rather than going all the way up to find out there's a 2hr wait.

They also have little walkie-talkies, so when we went in we were announced FBI-style to someone upstairs. By the time our unhealthy selves had carried us up, they were all prepared and ushered us over to a specific table. It was fairly quiet when we went, because it was late, but I can imagine this place is pretty organised when it comes to seating customers.

Unlike a lot of restaurants in Korea, this place didn't seem to just specialise in one kind of food (all pasta dishes, all stews, all Italian, all breakfasts etc), so we weren't sure what to expect. It also looked and felt a lot like a Western restaurant, which was interesting.

The menu was full of a variety of non-Korean meals such as pasta, salads, burgers, and many more. It all looked pretty good with some interesting and unexpected combinations, and the menu was done in the style of a recipe book or scrapbook. This was both adorable, quirky, and a little unhelpful, because sometimes the annotations that told us what was IN the food were a bit hard to read because of the handwritten style.

We totally disregarded Korean sharing style and got a carbonara AND a cajun chicken salad. We did end up sharing though, because it all looked so good. It really was very delicious, and the drinks were good too. I'm sad I'd forgotten about this place, I'd love to go again.

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