Friday, 5 September 2014

Tall in Korea | H&M Haul

So. I'm about 6'1" and don't exactly have the wonderful willowy physique of a dancer or supermodel.

Naturally, in Korea (and more likely Asia in general) it's hard to find clothes that fit me.

When I moved here, I had one suitcase and the clothes on my back, and somehow managed to bring hardly anything that actually looked nice. I'm not sure how I managed that, but I did. Korean fashion is great, and adorable, and for a little while I was really excited. Think of all the cool and cute clothes I can buy for cheap out there!

Erm, no. In the markets, where the clothes are cheap and plentiful, most of the clothes are "onesize" and that size is definitely not my size, haha. I've seen skirts that I could repurpose as a very fashionable garter.

My other problem is that, in preparation for small clothing, I brought a lot of winter clothes, assuming they'd be hard to find in a size big enough for me. This means that I'm totally unprepared for Korea's sweltering summer heat and humidity. In desperation, I finally found an H&M in Incheon (haven't found time to shop in Myeongdong or Hongdae yet) and what did I see?

A sale.

Let's go crazy!

I got 4 new dresses, and maybe 5 or so tops for about £40. All of the clothes were gloriously European sized, so there were plenty of big sizes. I think I actually overcompensated and bought some things that were a little TOO big for me. Sadly, there weren't any shoes, and I'm desperate for some sandals, but I don't think H&M have ever stocked shoes big enough for me anyway.

I'm super excited about my haul, so I thought I'd share in one big narcissistic post ;)

Dress: 24, 000W / £13 
White Dress: 9,000W / £10
Finding out this pink shirt goes with everything: Excellent.
Sleeveless blouse: 6,000W / £3.40
Strappy Dress: 9,000W / £5
Shorts to protect my dignity: Free from Nan ;p
Dress: 9,000W / £5
Please ignore the fact that I wear Vans with pretty much everything nowadays.
Camisole: 3,000W / £1.70
Boyfriend: Priceless. Hohohoho.

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