Monday, 8 September 2014

Tall in Korea | Tiny Doors

When I started researching South Korea in preparation for the move, I read a post of "warnings" for Westerners, and one was aimed at us tall people. Specifically, mind your head.

"head carefulness" warns the sign.
Apparently the subway, low-hanging signage and various doors could be an easy way of achieving head trauma if you're anything taller than 5'9". So, I decided to start a project: take a photo with any small doors I encountered (mainly for the amusement of my rather small friend that we affectionately call Hobbit. Fancy that, now it's Hagrid having height issues, haha)

Anyway, after nearly 3 months in Korea, I haven't actually had any problems with the subway or signage (bar the dangling handles which I have bumped my head on several times, but then again most people seem to!), or anything really, other than in historical locations where naturally the doorways are smaller because the people were smaller. I get the same at home in Tudor cottages and the like.
Either way, it's a fun project when I do spot them.

Why is it so small...but so high up?

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