Saturday, 20 September 2014

You Are Here

When we heard that Talk To Me in Korean were opening a cafe, we were pretty excited. They've really helped us with our Korean studies, and taught us things that are really helpful in everyday life here. I'm pretty sure I use at least one thing from their lessons each and every day, so I really wanted to go there to show my support.

It's a joint endeavor with Eat Your Kimchi, which we're not big fans of, but plenty of people there were pretty excited to be there and coo over the EYK merch.

Blackboard menu pillar next to the till.
The interior is adorable (you'll have to google this, or take my word for it. I stupidly forgot to take many photos), with little feature walls in a bright colour with a solitary decoration (my particular favourites were the neon "you are here" signs in a handwritten font) and overall it had a bright, fresh feel that made it very appealing and welcoming.

It's definitely a great space for its main function: studying Korean, and meeting up with friends.

We met up with one of the people we met at the Korvia barbecue, seeing as we live so far apart it was nice to have a common destination and a comfortable place to just sit and chat. A lot of the cakes in the cafe are vegan and/or gluten free, and generally very healthy-sounding. I don't know about the taste though, because they have a price tag to match the enormous amount of effort put into making them.

We stuck to lemonades and milkshakes (Also, in my opinion, pretty expensive for an indie cafe. A similar, if not higher, price to our local Starbucks.) and took a seat in the airy upstairs area and chatted for a good hour or so. It's nice to catch up!

Cute letters and messages from visitors, as well as photos from (I'm assuming) opening day.
When we went to leave, we bought some of the Talk to Me in Korean books, seeing as Nick has a couple and they've been really VERY helpful in his learning. I bought a workbook and a vocabulary book, seeing as I would like to be able to say more than I like/there is/there isn't/I want to eat 'bossam' or 'samgyeopsal', hahaha. Nick also bought the Level 2 workbook, and I think because we spent so much we got a free gift! They gave us a set of 2 verb books, which was great as I'd been struggling to decide over that or the vocab book, so in the end, I got both!

It was a really lovely day, with lovely people and staff, in a lovely environment, so if you're into TTMiK or EYK you should definitely check it out at least once.

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