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A Month in Photos: November

Donghyun's Birthday ^^~
November was pretty hectic, and aside from all the things I already blogged about or still have queued up, we do a lot each week that I often think doesn't warrant a full post, but it's nice to share my pictures and experiences. So here's November in photo format, with a few annotations along the way.

Payday I decided to treat myself a little and bought a handful of Copic markers. I've been wanting some for years now, but was always scared to pay that much money to find that I'm awful with them and there was no point. But I've been working away with the Promarkers now, and wasn't doing too badly so I splurged and haven't regretted it.

Good news, I finally uninstalled Kardashian.
At school I read Rainbow Fish to my 3rd grade classes, which led to a big art project involving lots of colouring and lots of glitter. Glitter everywhere.

Each student coloured their own scale and I compiled them into one big fish per class.
The thing I didn't take into consideration is that I'd have to make 6 gigantic fish, hahaha.

I received what I am assuming to be a joint birthday/Christmas package from Jenny and it was so exciting. Real, normal-tasting chocolate (rather than strange US-style stuff, sorry not sorry) and some damn fine eyeliner and moisturising balms which are becoming increasingly necessary with the cold weather! Thank you thank you! xoxo

A day or so later came some packages from Sammy, consisting of 2 big bars of Galaxy chocolate and a scarf, also both incredibly welcome in these dark times, haha. I love the quill-written notes and brown paper, feels very 1940s.

Not pictured, for some reason, was the package from my dad of the Stila eyeliner I've been umming and ahhing over for a while now, so I have two great eyeliners to keep me going. The Mac has more staying power, as expected, but the Stila is quick and easy to apply without worrying about it smudging or being a faff to remove after school, so I can wear it on a more daily basis. Yay!

Beholden unto Nick's undoing.
We were at a bit of a loss for dinner one day, and none of the pizza websites seem to have our address, and we're still too scared to order over the phone. So for some unholy reason we went into KFC.

"It's time." we said, as we ordered a Double Down burger to share. It was late, so they didn't have any Double Down Kings left (two chicken fillets with a burger patty in the middle) so we went for the slightly less intense-looking but just as disgusting Double Down Maxx (presumably the two x's are to represent your imminent demise after eating it like x___x )

I enjoyed my half, Nick didn't seem too bothered. We also ordered a side of cassava chips because hey, we're already being vile and they don't feature on UK menus.

Nick was horribly ill the next day, so that's one lesson learnt.

Ombre nails courtesy of the nail polish set that Rachel and Jamie gave to me.
I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with hand creams, because my hands are reaching previously-unseen levels of dryness. They're so dry and tight that I often have to reapply several times in just a few minutes.

Visiting the pet store is always adorable and a little bit upsetting.

What on earth is happening this doesn't look good.
I bought a new phone case because my ARC and other cards keep falling out of the free one I was given (my bad for stretching it out in the early days). Well, I bought two, but my 'school' one has been deemed 'Ajumma style' by my friends, so I'll just share with you my totally cool Sully case.

raaaargh scary monsters

Brief phoneography lesson in the back of a taxi, as you do.
We saw Interstellar, finally, and it was every bit as good as we were hoping. Some bits really made me feel quite distressed or uncomfortable but I wasn't too sure why. Just a gut fear of...something.

Very good filmmaking, imo. So engrossing.

My one and only photo of the autumn leaves before they all vanished :(
The leaves here were gorgeous, really bright reds and yellows. Especially the mountains all over the place which changed very rapidly from fresh green to firey blaze. Sadly, I was too tired or busy to make it out to a park and get snap-happy before they all got blown away.

A mysterious cake day at school resulted in this cup of cake from 3rd grade, half a huge chocolate cake from the music teacher, and a snow roll from Rachel. Hfffft.

After the Thanksgiving celebrations, I was left with this huge slab of cream cheese to use up. Not that I'm complaining, it cost about 50p more than 2 small tubs of Philly, so I guess I'll just be making treats for people for a while now.

SO that was November. Kind of exciting, kind of cold, very indulgent :p

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