Monday, 22 December 2014

Coffee and Bossam with Han and Lina

I stole this photo from 이민정 ^^;

A little while ago, Nick and I met up with some of our EPIK orientation co-ordinators for some dinner and a chat. We went to a bossam place in Hongdae and had a really great time! 

I'm always happy when I can talk freely to people without awkward pauses, and meeting and talking to many Koreans is a big priority of mine here. I can talk to Westerners all I want back home and even in my apartment, but there's so much to hear and learn from people in Korea that's just so much nicer than reading it all in a book. There's opinions and stories there you'd never read otherwise.

What's the point in living abroad if you don't interact with the locals?

After eating, our conversation was mid-flow so we went to a nearby coffee shop which was incredibly adorable and seemed to know what they were talking about. All kinds of mysterious roasts, blends, and coffee making devices could be seen.

It reminded me a lot of the cute, hipster places I love visiting at home. As it was fairly late, the cafe was quiet and service was very fast.

The mismatched cups and antique spoons were a really nice touch, and altogether it felt like we were in a country kitchen that belonged to someone's grandmother. Very cute!

Also, the coffee was great. I'm trying to take less milk and sugar and just appreciate the coffee itself as time goes by, and decent coffee really helps. It's not the sort of thing you can do in Starbucks ;p

Anyway. Short post just to say we had a lot of fun seeing Han and Lina and I hope we can chat again!

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