Friday, 27 March 2015

Hourly Comics Day

Hourly Comics Day usually comes and goes without me doing much more than maybe entertaining the thought of drawing some hourlies. If I'm lucky I'll pick up a pencil and sketch out the first hour of my day, then forget to do any more until the events of the day have vanished into the ether that is my poor memory.

So the fact that I actually managed to finish an entire day's worth of comics really made me quite happy. I didn't do the full 24, though. I know I'm sleeping for a fair few of them, which doesn't exactly make for thrilling panel work, but I've seen people just carry on documenting the next few waking hours to make up a full 24. Maybe next time.

In an extra feat of showing-off-ness, this comic includes writing in 3 different languages and scripts.

Anyway, you can click on the photos to see the minuscule writing in something a bit less painful, if you so wish.

Without much further adieu, I present to you: A Day in the Life of (a Really Sleepy) Guest English Teacher in South Korea

Translation for 8~9am: "'tap tap'? Why?" [bit of writing from the yoghurt] "OMG! No yoghurt?! HOW? WITCHCRAFT!"
If anything, the comic shows my unnecessary fascination with the incredibly mundane. Such as the concept of yoghurt sticking to the lid of the pot and "licking the lid of life".

Translation for 10~11am: "Amazing, right? I'm cool~" [but...] "Do you understand Japanese?" "Yes! A little." "Is that so? You're cool!" "Eheheh..."
I think I terrified and confused the life out of this kid by doing this. Also a bit worrying that it's easier for us to communicate via a language that is neither of our first languages.

My constantly fluctuating tolerance of Korean spice levels.
ngl I spend most of my day trying to not fall asleep.
My aggressive love for GrabaB and our altercation with the most terrifying animated pig ever.
I'm not kidding about the pig. I hate it.

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