Tuesday, 17 March 2015

東京 | Tokyo (6) - TOKYO DISNEY

First of all, let's just make it clear that I love Disney. Okay? Okay.
Facts and rumours about it's inherent evilness aside, I can't shake my undying love for this huge, adorable brand.

So the fact that we went to Tokyo Disneyland should come as no surprise to you, really.
Especially considering Ann-Marie had never been to one before. Yes, this was a plan set in stone since the early days of our planning for this holiday.

This part of Tokyo is also home to Tokyo DisneySea, a more ride-based park.
After some queuing snafus, we made it in, and I'm pretty much ready to run off and frolic, never to be seen again.

There's not really much to say other than recountings of the rides we went on and cute things we saw, so I'll spare you and keep this post fairly light.

We started with Pirates of the Caribbean, which was actually better than what I could faintly remember from when I rode the Florida version as a 4 year old, because now the movies exist and I love them. They've also added in some fun new extras, and hearing everything with a Japanese dub is really interesting!

'allo Jackie
Disney is also greater now that I'm not scared of rides anymore. So I can definitely benefit from more of those. Also, the last time I went to a Disney park was some time in 6th Form when we went to Paris and had that terrible incident with the bus. We really tried to make the most of our time, but what was left of our car always managed to bring the tone back down for me. Sorry, parents :(

Cute vending machines shaped like the Hatter's teapots
Those blasted clouds started looming again, but thankfully it didn't rain.
Something I really enjoyed about Tokyo Disney was that so many people dressed up for the occasion with accessories or Disney themed clothes and outfits. There was definitely a trend going on where young girls would put their hair into two Minnie Mouse-esque buns on top of their head. Very cute.

There were also a lot of groups and pairs of people wearing coordinated outfits. C'mon Britain, shake off your "too cool for that" shackles and get in on the couple-style trend. It's SO CUTE.

Horror of horrors, I was forced onto the ride that haunts my dreams and memories.
The Small World of tiny, repetitive dolls and music. Lorde help me.

Although I did very much appreciate the artwork.
Actually, once I'd gotten over my initial terror flashbacks of having the song stuck in my 4-year-old mind for weeks, the outfits were pretty cute and the ride was actually quite enjoyable in general.

Strange little ride where you're basically on a giant Scalextric
One thing I will say is that there was a distinct lack of Face Characters to take photos of and with. Aside from a few of them skipping past during a parade, I would almost have assumed they didn't have any! I don't know if they're actually more few and far between than the US parks or if it was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I was quite surprised.

I would say that the standout ride for me was Star Tours. Star Wars themed in every way, with a group of people I play Star Wars D&D with? Yes to everything.

I didn't know what to expect, but the queue itself was wonderful. It really set the theme and genuinely felt like we were going on a little trip. There's a customs desk where you get scanned (with a clever little thermal imaging camera setup so you can see yourself. Nice touch!) as well as Arrivals and Departures boards dotted around, and signs written in Aurebesh.


I will add now (considering this is the only picture where you can vaguely see it) that I wore my Black Milk Tale as Old as Time dress in honour of our Disney trip, and felt EXTRA MAGICAL because of it. I really do love this dress to bits.

In hindsight, I do feel a little bit like we should have gone to DisneySea because it's something quite different. But hey, look at that twilight view of the castle. Dreeeaaaams~

Continuing through our list of "must eat" Japanese foods, we had okonomiyaki for dinner and were treated to a celebratory bottle of wine. Very, very good <3
Strawberries and Cream Sandwich for dessert: no explanation necessary.

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