Monday, 11 May 2015

Cherry Blossom Fever

Autumn is officially my favourite season, but spring is the one I've been most excited and eager to see this year. Not only has the winter been long, cold, and dreary, but Spring in South Korea has the streets full to bursting with my favourite flowers.

Cherry blossoms!

And various other blossoms because I've realised that I just shove any delicate, frilly, pastel spring blossom under the umbrella title "cherry blossom" regardless of what fruit the tree is actually destined to bear. Oops.

They were actually quite a nice surprise, considering one day the street outside my school was still a little chilly, and lined with bare trees. The next day, after a storm, they were covered in green buds and FLOWERS.

Needless to say, I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.
When we went to the 63 Building, we also walked through a lovely tree-lined street in a quiet part of Yeouido. I'd read that basically there's no point going to the Blossom Festival there, because there are more humans than flowers, which is saying something. But this street was very quiet, with only a handful of other people, and the occasional car passing by.

It's a shame the sky was a little overcast that day. It really looked a lot sweeter with our eyes :p

Over the course of the short few weeks that the blossoms were popping up and swiftly blowing away, I took an awful lot of photos and I'm not sorry for it, haha.

One little jaunt back to Incheon Grand Park saw me bring my Sakura Nendoroid with me and, to the amusement of the hundreds of other people picnicking in the park, pose her for some photos with the flowers.

It's by no means a secret that Sakura, from Cardcaptor Sakura (Cardcaptors back at home), is a big favourite of mine. Her name, in Japanese, means 'cherry blossom', so it only seemed right to let her get excited ;p
BTS shots are also fun :p

A bittersweet photo of the last few I saw. It's lovely to see them fall like snow.
In case you needed any more proof that I'm absolutely obsessed with these flowers, Starbucks, perhaps a bit pre-emptively, had a seasonal special a few months beforehand that consisted of lots of cherry blossom flavoured snacks and drinks, including a frappe, hot chocolate, latte, and this lovely cake with actual cherry pieces in it.

I was both overjoyed and skeptical. The flowers themselves are very delicate, and don't have a strong smell, so I'm not sure how they could have much of a flavour either. Most of the drinks also included white chocolate, so I was just expecting that, especially in the coffee considering that has a strong flavour. But there was definitely a hint of something else, a little bit like grass but...prettier.

They also had the usual seasonal tumblers, cups, and more, so I couldn't resist this adorable coffee cup. It's also really nice to have big cups once in a while :p

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