Saturday, 16 May 2015

It All Started With the BIGBANG

I'm gradually catching up, after figuring out why my phone wasn't syncing photos with my Google Drive. This was only a couple of weeks ago, BIGBANG's big comeback!

Big Bang (I'm never sure how you're supposed to write the name) were the first K-pop group I ever listened to, way back in secondary school, thanks to the Lollipop MV. Yay, colours!

I've already seen them once before, in London with Ann-Marie and it was EXCELLENT. So I was very excited for one in Seoul, which you'd expect to be EVEN MORE EXCELLENT.

Things that compounded this excellence include the fact that we finally got fanlights for this show, unlike the others we'd been to. It's something so small and seemingly inconsequential but actually it really changed the experience. I felt part of the masses of other fans, and helped me feel like less of a fraud considering there's very few parts of the songs I can sing, and I don't know any 'fan chants'.

The other aspect is that I had fan merchandise for this show. I haven't bought any at other shows because either the design was uninspiring, too expensive, or sold out. Wah. But I bought this shiny number at the London show which again made me feel more like I fit in. (I also bought a GD mug to show my undying allegiance.)

I know you're not supposed to take photos but I couldn't resist a shot of that Yellow Ocean buzz! It's one of the main reasons I love the fanlight concept, seeing all the same coloured lights bobbing together in unison, with the occasional choreographed shake. Especially in the case of the yellow VIP (the fandom name, not literal VIPs) light, it looks like stars or flowers all over the place.

They debuted their two new songs at this event, Loser and BaeBae and sang both of them more than once. It was really exciting to hear people join in so quickly. I think everyone was really pumped because they've been gone for so long. I think 2012 was the last time I heard anything from them as a group.

The great thing about their concerts is that they always feel like a big party. They have a great vibe to their performances and they let you leave feeling exhausted from the dancing but still wanting more.

The 'story' of the concert was really great as well. A bit confusing and abstract at times, but with an incredible ending. I won't say anything because I heard they filmed the live shows to make a DVD. Say no to spoilers, kids. But I'm really glad we made a last-minute decision to try for tickets. I won't say anything about TOP's new hairdo though...

As is customary, by the time we get home from a concert we end up eating junk food because usually we're too tired to cook anything and most places open late are unhealthy fast food. With Big Bang, they coincided with my first ever Big Mac, so I guess it's traditional to do it again 3 years later :p

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