Thursday, 7 May 2015

인천대공원 | Incheon Grand Park

In an attempt to explore the city we live in a little more (considering we keep going into Seoul, ah the joys of being spoilt for choice), Nick took me to Incheon Grand Park, where he'd been on a school trip once or twice before. I didn't realise there was such a huge park just a short bus ride away!

It was still a little chilly (back in mid-March!), but nevertheless, we packed a picnic (by which I mean we bought a load of food from the Paris Baguette by the bus stop while we waited) and stuck it out in true British fashion.

To be fair, despite the overcast sky it wasn't too dreary.
Cute croissant pastry rolls
We wandered around investigating for a while. The park is really lovely, and HUGE, with big sweeping paths and a little lake in the middle. We didn't explore too far, so we didn't see everything, but it was nice to see what looked like a little open-air art gallery in one part, and an arboretum in another!

One building we DID go into was the park's hothouse, which was (as you'd expect) lovely and warm, filled with all kinds of interesting plants. It was really refreshing to see so much green after the dull winter stretching on for seemingly FOREVER.

I won't say much. There's not much else I can say about a greenhouse without boring you all into a stupor. But it's well worth a visit!

The bus back was a bit of a hassle, because although they're fairly frequent people are too desperate to get on and not have to wait. So there's a lot of pushing and line jumping (or lack of a line at all), but once we got on it was only a short ride back home. Not bad for a little day out and some fresh (?) air!

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