Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Little Things

A little post about little things in Spring that made us happy, that wouldn't warrant a whole blog post but are nice enough to share.

Firstly, macarons and excellent drinks at our favourite little cafe, The Ark, not far from the underground market in Bupyeong.

...and it was all yellow (8)

We went to a wedding for someone at my school, whereupon the roof OPENED. I feel like I might have mentioned this already but I still can't get over it.

Walks in the park with Nick, watching everyone enjoying the cold weather slip away (you can tell how late this post is because there are CHERRY BLOSSOMS)

Cakes at cafes while I draw pictures and Nick studies.

Bravely Default!
Iced coffee with giant coffee bean ice cubes.

Slowly getting back into drawing.

My students show me weird things. Apparently this is Iron Man and 2 monsters?
Two excellent small humans I know
2 food things combined, using breadcrumbs and brining chicken before cooking it. 

On the left, below, is one of many meals we made with a whole chicken that I dissected myself, brined in saltwater each time. I read about it randomly on a recipe site, thought I'd give it a go, and ended up with the moistest, most flavourful chicken ever.

On the right, an attempt at calamari, with squid chopped up and prepared by Nick. Notice our attempt at balancing out the frying with green things.

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