Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Actual and Post-Birthday Treats

So, to continue my boastful tirade of "look how wonderful my birthday was!", I'm writing this post. When I got home, after keeping things pretty secret (I didn't want much of a fuss) Nick presented me with a surprise birthday cake which was all kinds of airy cream and chocolate.

The strawberries on top were a sweet bonus, because I'd been growing a little strawberry plant for the past few weeks, and after finally getting it to sprout by placing it in the corridor...it vanished.

Either my Korean is terrible or nobody reads notes asking you to please kindly not steal my tiny little strawberry that could stand on a 50p piece. But either way, I was a little devastated and Nick convinced me it'd gone to bulk up and become part of my birthday celebrations. Dark.

Birthday cakes are pretty easy to find here for very reasonable prices and they're all far superior to the dry, cloying things you tend to pick up in supermarkets back home. They also have the added bonus of coming with candles, matches, and a little knife so you can celebrate anywhere and everywhere. Super cute.

We also joined Ziggy for samgyeopsal in the gogijip (it's literally called "Bupyeong Meat House") behind our apartment and found out that it's not only a great price but also really delicious! After gorging ourselves on pork and beef, we went to get some bubble tea and generally hang out for fun times. Thank you to you both~

Cake and party poppers for breakfast in your pjs is the only way to follow up your birthday shindig.
Roll forwards about a week, and I had to participate in an English Festival as a performer. As in, we got a hundred or so Korean children to dance the Cha Cha Slide whilst wearing silly outfits and it was possibly more stressful that fun.

One of my co-teachers also attended the festival, and we had arranged to go to lunch afterwards and would be joined by Rachel and Jamie.

We ate bossam, which I was too busy devouring to take a good photo of, and then moved on for round two, which ended up being in a Japanese restaurant.

What I didn't realise was that actually this second trip was a bit of a ruse to allow Rachel some time to collect the birthday cake they'd ordered for me!

Accidentally super-appropriate cake, strawberry and CHERRY with cream and chocolate.
Turns out they'd been planning the cake for a little while now, as they requested a custom style rather than choosing one of the many pre-made cakes that are usually available and wonderful in refrigerated cabinets at chain bakeries. Apparently Rachel had sent some cake ideas to Erin at school and she'd had to try and hide her screen from me, which is adorable.

Brief reminder: In Korea I'm 24, not 23, haha. They didn't get it wrong.
Nails galore!
In addition to the lovely cake and dinner, Rachel and Jamie gave me a little Etude House gift box full of sweet and lovely things, especially the two nail polishes! They know me well ;p

The little penguin is full of 'cotton' scented hand cream and lives on my desk at school now, very handy as the weather drops further and further into the cold and dry.

Language note: ㅋㅋㅋ is "hahaha" (or rather, kekeke. Think of a cheeky Muttley laugh)

Finally, inside a little hangeul-print bag was a homemade birthday card with the sweetest message on it. I really love the effort they put in and it's sitting pride of place next to the equally-wonderful card I got from my grandparents this year.

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