Friday, 7 November 2014


Due to my non-chronological, nonsensical posting order, you probably all know by now that I have one of these little beauties. It's a Fujifilm Instax and its basically fulfilling all my young hipster ideals of photos that print out instantly and develop magically before your eyes.

It was an early birthday present from Nick and it's become my little project to take it on special days out and really think about when I'm going to take that ONE photo of the day. It's nice to get back to grips with "the value of a frame" and focus on quality rather than quantity, and it's helped me cut back on my incessant snap snap snap that's all too common nowadays with digital photography.

I'm by no means great, but each photo I take with this camera has so much more meaning, as well as increasing quality on a much steeper curve than my digital photos have. I actually have to think and concentrate because damn that film is expensive.

I bought some Shavet pens, which are like a thick paint/gel pen, so I can write and draw on them in all sorts of cute colours and remember what I was doing, on what day, and with whom. There's just something so much more personal about doodling all over a photo and really personalising it that I'm really enjoying. I'm sure I'll look at these a lot more than the thousands of photos I have sitting on hard drives at home.

I bought a little Instax photo album and there's just enough pockets to use up all the film Nick bought me, and it should take me a while to fill it. I'm excited to reach the end and see what adventures I've been on!

Now, all of this stuff was taking up an awful lot of space and was generally really messy to have floating around on tables or in whatever bag I happen to be using, so I went out and bought a cheap little bag specifically for holding my Instax kit. I got this wonderful bright yellow beauty in the underground market for 10,000원 and it's almost perfect!

Because of all this yellow I seem to have amassed, I called the camera Sunny, because I'm the sort of weird person that gives proper names to inanimate objects. Here's to 50+ little adventures in the future!

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