Friday, 21 November 2014

부산 | Busan (Part 2)

Picking the best spot on the roof.
So in the last post I left off with us freshening up and having naps before the main event. Cool? Cool.

First of all, I'd like to share with you the slightly-creepy, incredibly-amazing joy that is a little Korean hotel/hostel/motel:

That wallpaper, man.
It looks like they went to various DIY stores, grabbed as many samples as they could, and went to town. Every wall, ceiling, and room are dressed up like this. It's so good. Apparently quite a lot of older Korean hotels are like this.

We went to find a place to eat, and the seafront was already heaving several hours before the show was due to start. Police cordoned off the pavement but people were still spilling out onto the road (which, for the most part, seemed to be closed off) to dart in and out of the stores and visit street food vendors that were dotted all the way along the beach.

We managed to find a place that seemed to specialise in tea and bingsu which sounded great, considering it was unusually warm. I think it was a chain store but it really felt quite homely, and the huge concertina windows had been thrown open to let in the breeze. Most of the chairs and tables were arranged around this window so we could sit and people-watch comfortably.

5 berry bingsu and an apricot tea that tasted kind of alcoholic.
Horrifying scenes out on the street. Why are these crabs so big. Unnecessary.
Before long, it started to get dark so we headed back to our room and played card games until we heard the crackle of the first few test shots. We dashed up to the roof (okay, I dashed, everyone else just went at a normal speed like sensible people) and we were treated to a great view with only a handful of other people, in comparison to the sea of bodies on the beach.

I think the show went on for about an hour or so, coupled with loud music, and there appeared to be several themes throughout such as love, friendship, family, happiness, and possibly some sad things like grief. The fireworks and music, and even the lights on the bridge, would change to match the theme and it was really very impressive.

At one point I spotted something bright flying around, and it turns out they'd attached some bird-shaped lights to a couple of drones, and had fireworks coming out of their tails to create actual flying phoenixes. Very cool and probably quite expensive I imagine.

We were slightly concerned at the fact we could definitely see fires on the boats they were releasing fireworks from, and nobody seemed to be doing anything to extinguish them. Which was slightly distracting. But after the show we kept watching and the one or two people on each boat could be seen wandering with a flashlight...we're pretty sure one just lowered a bucket into the water and threw it on the flames, haha. Terrifying!

I have a lot more photos to upload from my camera, but for now I'll just share this to keep you updated~

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