Friday, 28 November 2014

A Month in Photos: October

Always reward yourself with macarons.
For those that don't follow me on Instagram, you may have been unaware that I took part in the FMS Photo A Day challenge. For those who don't know what that is (I'm assuming most of you) it's where you take a photo for each day of the month, with each day having its own prompt to shape your photo taking.

It's nothing official or special, but I kind of wanted to share it because I've never managed to complete a 30-day challenge before, and I feel like a took a lot of photos that I'm proud of, so I want to share them here.

1: A is for Aladdin Leggings
2: B is for '발리'. Hurry hurry.
3: C is for camera.
4: D is for Daelim Museum
5: E is for Everland
6: F is for fixing my laptop
7: G is for '가방' a new bag for my camera.
8: H is for Hapjeong
9: I is for '읽다'. Working from home.
10: J is for 재미. Having fun with photos.
11: K is for Korean BBQ
12: L is for light.
13: M is for M...arichelle? My birthday.
14: N is for '노란'. I seem to be accumulating a lot of yellow things.
15: O is for '오빠'. Oppa, notice me!
16: P is for patisserie
17: Q is for quick and sloppy breakfast.
18: R is for relaxing whilst drawing.
19: S is for spooky doughnuts.
20: T is for treat. And thank you.
21: U is for unique.
22: V is for very dramatic VSCO pic :p
23: W is for Wonder Woman
24: X is for the (x_x) face because I was so tired.
25: Y is for yummy.
26: Z is for zany wallpaper.
27: 1... lonely mermaid.
28: 2...apples in the new Marina promo photos.
29: 3...mics ready for a little film shoot.
30: 4...slices of our usual at Coffee Bay
31: 5...little gifts from Jamie and Rachel
Uncropped versions and extras are on my VSCO grid because I find it a little bit easier and prettier than Flickr atm.

It's a fun challenge if you're into taking photos and want to push yourself a little, and there's a new list of prompts every month. Even if you don't make it the whole way through a month (like I usually do) I feel like you start to think more about your photos and the ones I take for FMS definitely seem to look a little better than my others, and it has a lasting effect on how I go about shooting.

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