Friday, 27 November 2015

영국여행 | England (Day 11)

Lion Selfies
아 힘들다.

This day was technically me heading back to Bristol for a little bit more time, so I had to carry a bag of provisions with me.

Rather than spend 3 hours on a coach to look around my home city, I thought it'd be nice to look around London with mum and dad, considering mum is always wanting to go on trips to London but there's no time or it's too intimidating (for real, London is quite terrifying the first couple of times if you don't have someone to show you around)

Anyway, since they wouldn't arrive until the late morning/early afternoon, I had a scant few moments that I used to meet up with Cara, someone I've known since the Dark Ages, probably.

I'm really bad It's not 'self' if there's multiple people :p
We spent most of our time walking around a lot and just catching up, considering it had been years since we'd last seen each other. And we had some fun with the joys of Korean selfie camera.
Why is this a thing
Also, we met Batman.
Before long, my parents sent a message to say they'd arrived, and I headed over to meet them.
I'm not sure how or why we ended up looking like some kind of reject Addams Family but I'm okay with that because black is always excellent.

This photo is cute but that alcove reeked of pee, these are the sacrifices we make.
We ended up going to Bodeans, which I will never argue with because Bodeans is a heavenly place of meat and cocktails.

After devouring our body weight in slow cooked meat and fries, I somehow decided it would be a good idea to drop by Crosstown for two of their mini doughnuts, one for me and one for mum (dad politely declined).

We went to a few places that mum wanted to see, including Trafalgar square. Somehow we managed to get me up one of the blocks with lions in, despite my decision to wear a dress and slip-on sandals. Not exactly the best outfit for clambering in.

I'd never realised just how big the statues and their plinths were until I decided to climb one, haha. The plinth alone was only a few inches shorter than me. I don't know how anyone has the bravery to then scramble up onto the lion's back! Those things are slippery!

Me and a lion butt. Look how big it is!!
After a few more photos and a bit more of a wander, we headed back to where my parents had parked and went home. But we remembered it was our friend Ela's birthday. I refuse to believe she's 20 now, she's definitely still only 9 years old but whatever.

I walked into the house and immediately had an auntie press a glass of tequila and slice of lemon into my hand, if you were wondering how these kind of parties roll, hahaha.

I hate tequila but peer pressure and a room full of very drunk people are universally excellent persuasion techniques. Combined with my need to please people I drank two of the damn things (including having mere CHILDREN - okay, they were like 19/20, but that's still 5 years my junior, sigh - teach me how to do a slammer properly) before hurrying over to the food table to devour half the snacks and any Filipino food I could find.

And then I took ugly selfies with my mum, because what better pasttime could there be?

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