Monday, 9 November 2015

영국여행 | England (Day 4)

Gna cut U
The next day we headed out to Bristol city centre for a wander around and some coffee, nothing too serious. We killed several hours just taking photos and talking for a while, inevitably bumping into people we know and chatting to them, too.

Then, we headed back home to go to my Nan's house for a real roast dinner! Yay~

Quite possibly the thing I was most looking forward to, was going to my nan's house, gorging on the flawless Sunday roast her and my grandad always make, and then lying on the sitting room floor in a food-drunk stupor just like I've always done since I was very, very young.

*choirs of angels sing*

Nothing much has changed, maybe the carpets, or wallpaper. Maybe there's new photos in the frames. I suppose the main difference is that I now have to share the floor with Teddy and Tasha, my hairy uncle and aunt.

3 generations of tall, nerdy computer people.
I've just realised I didn't take photos of anything other than the dogs after this. They're so much bigger than when I left (they were only a few months old back then, I think)

A bit better behaved, too ;)

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