Saturday, 7 November 2015

영국여행 | England (Day 2)

We started our day reasonably well and didn't sleep in too late, and had a deliciously English/unhealthy tasting breakfast of toast, fried eggs, and various forms of breaded potato with Nick's brother.

We went to the shops to see to several errands such as getting SIM cards for our phones and sorting out bank things we'd been having trouble with.

I was also determined to find some shoes and jeans to bring back to the land of clothes for tiny people, but didn't have much luck or time.

We did, however, have time to make Nick try on this hat.
We were trying to take it easy on day 1 and 2, but we were also determined not to fall asleep at anything earlier than 8pm to fight off any jetlag that could jeopardise our tightly scheduled holiday. So, in true British style, we "went for a walk".

It was nice to see all the British wildflowers and trees and people and air for a while. We also saw some seemingly wild parakeets, which was baffling. What exactly happened to England while we were gone?

We went to a great little cafe that we love, which was thankfully still there (we're damaged by the impermanence of Korean establishments), for lunch and had proper sandwiches. Take that, Paris Baguette!

I quickly got changed and painted my face before going out to meet some uni friends in Covent Garden for dinner and drinks, which sounds very glamorous so I'll let you continue to think it is.

Bringing the aegyo-sal to the UK (aka no-sleep chic)
We went to the Promised Land that is Roadhouse, just in time for their Happy Hour. We also experienced possibly the richest, saltiest, most dense mac and cheese anyone has ever encountered. It was really tasty (in my opinion) but you could share it between 12 people having one spoonful each and you'd be done for the day, if not massively dehydrated.

I'm very good at taking bad photos, sorry!

The rest of the evening was spent catching up, telling people about the bizarre culture clashes we've had, answering questions and taking silly selfies with my Korean phone's weird and unnecessary array of dual-camera options.

I'm glad we pushed ourselves and went through with meeting up with friends. It was kind of like a little time capsule of how things used to be.

Also, cocktails are way cheaper and more delicious here than in Korea, sorry.

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