Sunday, 1 November 2015

망원한강공원 | Mangwon Han River Park

This is a story of how location scouting often just turns into an excuse for a daytrip (or what feels like it, anyway). We were looking for some open, pretty spaces, that also showed off Seoul's beauty spots.

Our friend Jaceon suggested some places in and around Hapjeong, on the edge of the sprawling University district/s of Seoul (a huge area where something like 3 or 4 of the main universities collide and blur. It's a great place.)

We met up at his place for pizza first and it was enormous.

I think the fatal flaw in our plan was bringing the skateboard.

Anyone want to make a superhero movie about a guy on a skateboard?
It was quite a nice day for a walk, since this was back before summer fully hit. It was warm, but not sticky, and although these grey clouds threatened us all day, we never had more than a tiny drizzle towards the end of the day.

I don't really have any particular intention for this blog post. It was a park. We didn't do much. But I thought it was pretty, so here we are.

There's a huge cycle path along most of Seoul's main river, so occasionally (often) we'd (I'd) have to leap out of the way of a flock of bikes speeding in all directions.

We ended up sitting in a large, open, decked space and watched Jaceon skate a little, watched Nick try to remember how to skate a little, and had me stand on the board and then screech like a banshee if it so much as wiggled.

We decided to head home for the day, but weren't 100% sure how to get back to a subway station. We ended up in an enormous park that was very cool, but also not helping us to get home.

We found a rabbit wandering around wild??
Eventually we found a road and caught a taxi back to Hongdae just in time to see the sun setting from the train home. The whole riverside area around the Han River is great, and definitely a place to check out if you have time for a stroll.

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